Therma Swim Liquid Pool Solar Cover

Therma Swim Liquid Pool Solar Cover

Item# 4901

Therma Swim Liquid Solar Cover

Reduce heat loss in your pool this summer with Therma Swim Liquid Pool Cover! Easy to use and unnoticeable in water!

Product Features:
  • Reduces Pool Water Heat Loss
  • Reduces pool water evaporation
  • Lasts about a month
  • Easy to use- Simply pour into your pool
  • Compatible with all chemical systems
  • Environmentally friendly - biodegradable

  • One bottle per 400 square feet of pool surface area per month
  • Above grounds pools up to 21' round use 1 bottom, larger use 2
  • In ground pools up to 14'x28' use 1 bottle, larger pools use 2 per month

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