Fabrico Sun Dome's for Oval Above Ground Pools

Fabrico Sun Dome's for Oval Above Ground Pools

#1 Dealer of Fabrico Sun Domes for Oval Above Ground Pools in America!

The Fabrico Above ground pool Sun dome lengthens your swimming season while protecting you from the elements and your pool water from air & rain pollution along with preventing other debris.

Not only does the Sun Dome protect you and your water, it helps prevent water evaporation & splash out which reduce your cost & need for water!

Sun Dome Facts:
  • Made with 12 mil double polished clear vinyl
  • The Sun Dome has a manufacturers limited warranty of one year.
  • Sun Dome can easily be installed at home
  • Sun Dome can take winds up to 40-45 mph but is not made to withstand heavy winds.
  • Sun Dome should be taken down during the winter if you live in an area with heavy snow fall.

    Please Make sure you tell us exactly how many verticals or panels your pool has. Call if your not sure, 866 736 0732

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