Fabrico Sun Domes for Above Ground Pools

Fabrico Sun Domes for Above Ground Pools

#1 Dealer of Fabrico Pool Sun Domes in America

Fabrico above ground pool Sun Dome enclosures will lengthen your swimming season and keep your above ground pool cleaner from harmful air-borne debris and pollutants.

The above ground Sun Dome by Fabrico also helps prevent water evaporation and is easy to assemble. For an above ground pool it would take 2 people about 2 or 3 hours to put up. Once it is assembled it is very easy to take down and put up again.

All Sun Domes Include:
  • Tailor Made Vinyl and Aluminum Enclosure
  • The Fabrico Pool Sun Dome is a heavy 30mil thick vinyl pool enclosure that is supported by a series of aluminum tubes. The crystal clear cover is heat-sealed to fit the tubes based on pool specifications, to provide a tailored fit for every pool size.
  • Sturdy Double-Zipper Doors and Windows
  • Solid and Secure Enclosure Framework The bottom edge of the enclosure is 24-gauge - or double thickness - and has a series of grommets. Neoprene shock cords are then attached to the grommets and hooked onto the base of the dome. This system ensures that the vinyl enclosure is held securely over the pool framework - making the Sun Dome an extra strong framework.

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