Spa Frog Serene Bromine Cartridge

Spa Frog Serene Bromine Cartridge

Item# 01-14-3824

Spa Frog Bromine Cartridge

#1 dealer of Spa Frog Bromine Cartridges in America

Spa Frog Bromine Cartridge is 150 grams of the Bromine portion of the floating or inline Spa Frog chemical system. Use this product in your hot tub to sanitize the water. The Bromine Cartridge lasts one to two weeks to keep your water looking and feeling great. Fits both the Spa Frog Floater and the The SPA FROG® In-Line System

Fits the Spa Frog Floating system, the Marquis’ spa Constant Clean water management system , Emerald spas and many other popular in-line spa sanitation systems.

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