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Scumball Scum Absorber 2-pack

Scumball Scum Absorber 2-pack
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Scumball Scum Absorber 2-pack

For Pool and Hot Tubs

The Scumball floats in your spa or pool to remove & absorb body oils, scum & lotion residues. Scumball helps to eliminate that nasty scum line from your pool or hot tub. Removes all body oils, scented oils and suntan lotions from pool and spas.

  • Prolong the life of your filter and reduce scum lines. Removes body oils, scented oils and lotions from pools and spas.
  • Helps Eliminate Scum-line and Foaming
  • Absorbs 40 times its weight in body oils and lotions.

  1. Simply place the Scum-Ball on your pool or hot tub water and let it go to work!
  2. When dirty, just take out squeeze and reuse!