Hot Spring Spas Tri-X Filter Cartridge

Hot Spring Spas Tri-X Filter Cartridge

Item# 73178

Hot Spring Spas Tri-X Filter Cartridge

Hot Springs Watkins Tri-X Cartridge

The Tri-X Filters for Hot Spring Spas. Watkins Tri-x Filters are sold individually or in optional bundles of three or five! Save When you bundle!

65 - sq ft. Original manufacturer direct replacement filter, part number 73178

This filter comes standard on current Hot Spring Models: Grandee, Vista, Envoy, Aria. Fits all Hot Spring Spas starting in 1997 to current even if it originally came with a different filter.

Hot Springs Tri-X Filters have P/N 0969601 imprinted on the top of it.

The Unique Ceramic design allows it to filter twice as much as a standard paper filter. The Tri-X Filter has a life expectancy of up to 5 years if maintained properly using filter cleaner.

Filter Dimensions: OD-6" Length-10.5" Top ID-1 2-1/4"" Bottom ID- 2-1/4"

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