Baquacil FAQ's

Baquacil FAQ's
Click on each for more information! Converting your pool to Baquacil & Start up charts, Baquacil CDX Pool Care Guide and Dosage Charts, Troubleshooting: Cloudy/Hazy Water, Troubleshooting: Water Mold, Troubleshooting: Green Algae,

Baquacil Start up & Converting your pool to Baquail

Below is a PDF with the start up dosages for a Baquacil swimming pool sanitizing system. Thinking about converting your Frog, Chlorine, or other chemical system pool to Baquacil??? Click below to view directions on Baquacil conversions.

Baquacil Conversion & Start Up

Baquacil CDX Pool Care Guide

The Baquacil CDX Sanitizing system is the new and improved Baquacil pool chemical system. 100% chlorine free, CDX kills bacteria & keeps your swimming pool water sparkling clear all season long! Click below to view Baquacil's pool care guide.

Baquacil CDX Pool Care Guide with Dosage Charts

Troubleshooting:Hazy/Cloudy Water

There are a few things that can cause your swimming pool to be cloudy. Outside elements, heavy swimmer use, and chemicals being out of balance. Click below to view Baquacil's troubleshooting Guide on Cloudy / Hazy water.

Treating Hazy & Cloudy water in a Baquacil Pool

  • Directions on how to use Baquacil Flocculant & Baquacil Filter Aid: Baquacil Flocculant & Filter Aid

    Troubleshooting: Green Algae

    Algae can occur in any type of swimming pool, no matter what type of chemical sanitizing system you use. Clearing Green aglae in a Baquacil pool is easy! Please allow 2-3 days for a clear pool once starting the algae treatment. For a clean & clear Baquacil pool all season long, add Endure at the beginning of the season! Click link below for directions on treating algae in your pool

    Treating Algae in a Baquacil Pool

    Troubleshooting: Water Mold

    Water Mold can occur in any swimming pool. Water mold is very easy to detect in your pool. If you have particles in your water, around your lights, or in your skimmer that look & feel like wet tissue paper, you have water mold. Click below to view the baquacil Treating water mold instructions.

    Treating Water Mold in a Baquacil Pool

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