Baquacil Sanitizer 4 bottles

Baquacil Sanitizer 4 bottles

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Baquacil Sanitizer and Algistat 4 bottle case

Non-Chlorine Sanitizer

Baquacil Pool Sanitizer is the best Non-Chlorine pool water sanitizer for both Above Ground pools and In Ground pools. Gentle on all pool surfaces such as vinyl liner, concrete, painted pools, fiberglass pool, etc.

Start Up
1/2 Gallon per 10,000 Gallons of Pool Water. Sanitizer level should reach 50ppm.
Add 1 pint per 10,000 Gallons to raise Sanitizer 10ppm.

  1. Test level of Sanitizer
  2. Sanitizer level should not be lower than 30ppm. 50ppm is the ideal level.

SIZE: (4) Half Gallon Bottles

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