Baquacil CDX System starter kit

Baquacil CDX System starter kit

Item# 85050

Baquacil CDX System Kit

Non-Chlorine System for Above ground Pools or In-Ground Pools up to 15,000 gallons

The Baquacil CDX start up kit contains everything you will need to start your chlorine, bromine, mineral or salt pool out right. Kit is contains enough product for pools up to 15,000 gallons. Purchase required number of kits for you size pool

Baquacil System Steps
  1. Sanitize with: BAQUACIL Non-chlorine Sanitizer and Algistat
  2. Oxidize with: BAQUACIL Shock / Oxidizer
  3. Maintain Baquacil Oxidizer Residual and Water Clarity with BAQUACIL CDX

      The Baquacil CDX Kit contains:
      • 96oz bottle of Baquacil Swimming Pool Sanitizer and algistat
      • 96oz bottle of Baquacil CDX
      • 2 each 96oz Bottles of Baquacil Oxidizer
      • 1 bottle of 4 way Baquacil test strips
      • Instructions

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