Calcium Hardness Plus, 7 lbs

Calcium Hardness Plus, 7 lbs

Item# 4-5507

Calcium Hardness Plus, 7 lbs

To increase the Total Hardness in swimming pool water

  • Always try and maintain a 175-200 ppm level of Calcium Hardness in vinyl liner pools, 250-300 in concrete or plaster pools.

  • 3 lbs per 10,000 of pool water will normally raise the hardness by 25 ppm.
  • with pool pump running broadcast calcium hardness or the surface of pool. If some of the product lands on the bottom simply bush it. Will not harm bottom of your pool.

    Compatible with all pool chemicals: Doheny's, In the Swim, GLB, Poolife, Baquacil, Leslies, Blue Wave, Pristine Blue, Bio Guard & etc!

    Contains: 83-87% Active Calcium Chloride

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