33' ROUND Above Ground Pool Winter Covers

33' Round Above Ground Winter Pool Covers

33' Round Winter Pool Covers

Deluxe: Lightweight solid with an 8x8 Scrim. Blue on top and black bottom. Made from Ultra-Violet Inhibited Woven Polyethylene. Comes with 3' Overlap. 8 year manufactures pro-rated warranty.

Supreme Plus: Solid Cover with 12x12 Scrim. Green on top and black bottom. Designed to stand up to a winter of Ice and Snow. Two Extra Layers of polypropylene binding for triple strength. Comes with 4' Overlap. 12 Year Manufactures pro-rated warranty.

Elite: Strong Solid Winter Cover that is Tan on top and black on bottom. Durable binding around the entire cover helps prevents grommets from tearing. Comes with 4' Overlap. 20 Year Manufactures Pro-Rated Warranty

Armor Kote: Made In America Advanced Coating Technology. Provides superior seam strength, high tear and puncture resistance and is impervious to chlorine. 30% Lighter than other covers while being up to 50% stronger. Comes with 4' Overlap. 20 Year Pro-Rated Warranty

Ultimate: Made In America Comes with 6" Mesh Center Drain Panel that allows rain t pass through while straining any debris and dirt. Heavy Duty rubber straps that are hooked to clips to hold the cover down. Skirted around the pool helps prevent the cover being picked up by strong winds.

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