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Swirl Away PVC Pipe Cleaner

Swirl Away PVC Pipe Cleaner
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Swirl Away PVC Pipe Cleaner

Swirl-Away pipe cleaner dissolves accumulated body oils, scum, mold, Bio-Film and other debris from you spa or jetted bath tubs plumbing liners. Aids in the prevention of build-up in the plumbing lines of spas and jetted bath tubs. Eliminates blocked or obstructed jets.

Over time, accumulations of body oils, cosmetics, lotions, chemicals, dirt and debris build-up on the INSIDE of the spa's circulation system. Not only does this cut the running efficiency of your spa's pump, but it also interferes with heater's effectiveness as well.

Use prior to draining the spa.


Remove the filter cartridge.

Add 8oz. into Spa, Hot Tub or Jetted Bath Tub and turn pump on at high speed for one hour with the air controls closed.

Drain and resume normal maintenance procedures.