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Rule 1800 Automatic Pool Cover Pump

Rule 1800 Automatic Pool Cover Pump
Item# rule1800
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Rule 1800 Automatic Pool Cover Pump

Lightweight and portable, the Rule 1800 Auto Pool cover Pump is the perfect utility pump.

Designed for both in-ground and aboveground pool covers, the versatile Rule 1800 Auto Pump can be used to drain covers, pools, spas and just about anywhere you have standing water.

Perfect for Solid Safety Pool Covers

It features an automatic 1800 gallon per hour pump that drains down to less than , a 24 power cord and a strainer base designed to filter out large debris.

Simply attach to a standard garden hose (not included) and plug it into a standard 110v outlet. It automatically turns on and off as needed or can be completely submerged.