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Skimmer Basket Liner

Skimmer Basket Liner
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Catch filter-clouding debris and Keep Your Pool Cleaner with our Skimmer Basket sock!

Sun Products Filter Saver is constructed of extremely fine mesh bound to an elastic ring that fits tightly around your pool skimmer basket

Pool Filter Savers, sometimes known as Pool Skimmer Socks, will keep your skimmer cleaner and extend the life of your pool filter system

Simply stretch the Pool Skimmer Sock over your Above ground pool or in Ground Pool skimmer basket. The fine mesh will collect pollen, insects, debris and help prevent dirt from entering your filter which will allow better water flow and longer filter cylcles. Will fit most skimmer baskets. Can be rinsed out and reused.

5 Pool Skimmer Basket Liners per package